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Modernization of measuring systems

Modernization of measuring systems of quantity and quality of gas from methane drainage system in JSW S.A. mines for the purposes of commercial settlements and balancing.

In 2012, a measurement and billing system of quantity and quality of gas from methane drainage from JSW S.A. mines was lunched in “Borynia-Zofiówka”, “Pniówek”, “Jas-Mos”, “Krupiński” mines and also in heat and power plant “Moszczenica” which belongs to SEJ Sp. z o.o. In 2015, during construction process this system was installed in methane drainage station near shaft VI of the “Budryk” mine in Chudów. All parameters in this system, i.e. gas intake at methane drainage station and transmission to consumers are measured. The devices used have a very high accuracy that enables commercial settlements and settlements related with EU ETS. Part of this system are chromatograph, flow meter with temperature, moisture and pressure gauges. All acquired data are archived in superior computer system. It is responsible for visualization and online access to all data for employees involved in economic use of methane in JSW S.A.

In “Budryk” and “Knurów-Szczygłowice” mines measurement devices used for methane concentration and gas flow have insufficient accuracy. Due to ongoing program of economic use of methane in connected with these mines (new cogeneration systems), it is necessary to obtain accurate data for billing purposes. The construction of new measurement systems in “Budryk” and “Knurów-Szczygłowice” mines will allow to connect these mines in the measurement and billing system to precise monitor all the data in real time.

This project assumes that all parameters of methane captured in methane drainage stations in JSW’s coal mines and sent to consumers will be meter and visualized in common measurement and billing system.