CMM Energy ICE

Increasing methane concentration

In order to increase efficiency and introduce new methods of methane management, JSW S.A. conducts research about technology connected with increasing methane concentration of coal mine gas to methane content at network gas level. Increasing methane concentration in CMM (Coal Mine Methane) to 95%-98% CH4 – mixture proper in industrial usage and fuel gas network.

The main goal of this project is to conduct preliminary analysis of capabilities and profitability of transformation CMM (40 Nm3/min) captured by methane drainage station near shaft VI at “Budryk” mine in Chudów. This CMM methane concentration is around 53%.

The gas from the methane drainage station is directed through the buffer tank to the compressor suction, where it is compressed. The compressed gas containing saturated steam is cooled to remove most of the water. Then the gas is directed to a set of two adsorption columns working alternately in which final drying takes place. The dried oxygen-containing gas is directed to the vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA-1) systems and (VPSA-2) where in the adsorption phase about 95% of methane and 100% of CO2 are adsorbed, while nitrogen, about 5% of methane and the remaining oxygen are removed under reduced pressure as exhaust gases.

In the future, pressure swing adsorption will play an important role in enriching gas streams with methane, which will enable its greater use and thus reduce the negative impact on global climate change.

Do you know:

If you want to use CMM in installation fuelled by CNG or pump it into network, methane must be separated from other gases present in mixture so that its content is 95% to 98%, oxygen –max 0.2%, CO2 – max 3.0%.