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RFCS WORKSHOP in the European Parliament

On 23.05.2023, at the invitation of MEP Ondřej Knotek, a meeting was held on the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The meeting was attended by MEPs, representatives of research and scientific centres and EU companies. A strong group was made up of representatives of ICE-CMM Poland: Mr Artur Badylak (JSW), Prof. Stanislaw Prusek, Dr. Jacek Skiba, Prof. Alicja Krzemień (GIG), Dr. Tomasz Rogala (PGG) as well as Prof. Pedro Riesgo Fernandez (UNIOVI, ES), who cooperated with them in the "REM" project. During the meeting projects co-financed by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) were discussed, including projects to revitalize mine waste dumps, the use of rock waste to produce fertilizers for agriculture and composites for the construction industry, new methods of methane drainage through directional drilling in mines and injection of carbon dioxide into the rock mass.