CMM Energy ICE


  • 1960s

    Construction of mines included in today’s JSW S.A. Dynamic development of methane drainage due to the exploitation of highly methane deposits by newly established mines. Along with the construction of mines, methane drainage stations are built as the basic facilities of the mining plant.

  • 1993

    April 1st 1993 r. Founding of JSW S.A.

  • 1997

    JSW S.A. launched the first energy plant in Poland in “Krupiński” mine, where engine was using gas from methane drainage system to produce electricity and heat (2-cogeneration).

  • 2000

    JSW S.A. launched a 3-cogeneration energy installation in the “Pniówek” mine, in which the engines produced thermal energy, which was used to heat and cool the water used in coolers cooling the air in the mine workings. This is how the first central air conditioning of an underground mine in Poland was created.

  • 2006

    Construction and commissioning of a surface methane station in “Pniówek” mine. Methane drainage station operate in two stages gas compression system. The technology used in the station enables the transmission of gas to power generators, the mine’s heating plant and to the network of pipelines to “Zofiówka” and “Moszczenica” heat and power plant.

  • 2008

    “Budryk” mine becomes part of the JSW S.A. The gas captured by the methane drainage station feeds the 8MWe cogeneration system.

  • 2008

    JSW S.A. launched a cogeneration system in the “Borynia” mine, generating ERU units. The units purchased by the Japanese concern Chugoku Electric Power from Hiroshima are not standard CO2 emission allowances, which are used, for example, by the power industry or metallurgy, but the so-called ERU (emission reduction units). Converting the amount of economically used methane to reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the mechanisms included in the Kyoto Protocol. The agreement was concluded in 2008 by both companies. ERUs are generated by a gas engine operating in the “Borynia” mine.

  • 2012

    A measurement and billing system for the quantity and quality of gas from methane drainage system in JSW S.A. mines was launched. The system was implemented in “Borynia-Zofiówka”, “Pniówek”, “Jas-Mos” and “Krupiński” mines and belonging to SEJ Sp. z o.o. Heat and Power Plant “Moszczenica”.

  • 2014

    “Knurów-Szczygłowice” mine becomes part of the JSW S.A. Both “Knurów” and “Szczygłowice” have methane drainage stations. Additionaly, “Szczygłowice” has two generators with total capacity of 3.9 MWe.

  • 2016

    Construction and commissioning of a surface methane drainage station at shaft VI of the “Budryk” mine in Chudów.

  • 2017

    Commissioning of the 8MWe co-generation system in “Budryk” mine at shaft VI in Chudów.

  • 2018

    The investment project entitled “Economic use of methane” was launched. Project is planned for 5 years and concerns the mines “Budryk” and “Knurów-Szczygłowice”. As a part of the project, 9 generators will be built with total capacity of 32 MWe. Moreover, the project also includes modernization methane drainage systems and energy infrastructure.

  • 2019

    The Management Board of JSW S.A. established the Methane Drainage and Energy Management Office, thus linking methane drainage to the economic use of methane. The main task of these units is to increase the capture of methane in the drainage system and thus enhance the safety of underground crews and reduce methane emissions into atmosphere.

  • 2020

    Commissioning of the 3x 4 MWe co-generation system in “Knurów-Szczygłowice” mine Ruch “Knurów”.

  • 2020

    Expansion of the cogeneration system to the capacity of 10 MWe in “Budryk” mine at shaft VI in Chudów