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Visualization of methane drainage network

Underground methane drainage network discharge gas from its intake to the surface through pipelines. The pipelines are under negative pressure generated in the methane drainage station on the surface of the mine. In order to properly regulate the intake and gas flow, measurements are take daily both on the main pipelines and locally near intake sites. Currently, these measurements are performed manually by qualified employees with a frequency of once a day.

Project of visualization of the underground methane drainage network concerns main methane pipelines in all JSW S.A. mines. It is 60 measurement points, where automatically will be measured methane concentration, pressure and temperature of collected gas with flow. These data will be transferred through central data analysis system to employees responsible for demethanation process.

    Implementation of the network visualization will allow to:

    • Continuous measurement and monitoring of gas parameters in methane drainage pipelines.
    • Quick and easy data archiving.
    • Quick and effective localization of a leak from the pipeline, which will improve safety related to the methane hazard. As a result we will avoid unwanted stops in longwall exploitation with demethanation.
    • Create database to rational use methane drainage in exploitation heading.
    • Supervise main methane pipelines to keep proper methane concentration which is required to it economic use.