CMM Energy ICE

Methane drainage and energy management office

Methane Drainage in JSW SA

In 2019, the Management Board of JSW SA established the Methane Drainage and Energy Management Office, thus linking methane drainage to the economic use of methane. In-house structures are currently being developed. Methane drainage units have been set up at every mining facility, employing more than people 200 in total. Operating and servicing methane drainage stations as well as supervising and regulating key pipelines and methane intakes in underground excavations are now performed internally. The main task of these units is to increase the capture of methane in the drainage system and thus enhance the safety of underground crews and reduce methane emissions into atmosphere.

Main tasks of the Methane Drainage and Energy Management Office are:

  • Longwall methane drainage projects,
  • Supervision of demethanation process,
  • Implementing modern solutions that allow for more efficient use of methane,
  • Operating and servicing methane drainage stations,
  • Instrumentation and automatics projects,
  • Securing the supply of energy (electricity, heat, cold, compressed air) for JSW mining plants,
  • Supervision of gas engines and cogeneration units,
  • Conducting activities to improve the energy efficiency of mining plants JSW S.A.

The drainage of methane from the mine and ventilation air system not only reduces the risk of methane hazards in mines, but also improves energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.