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JSW representatives at the World Mining Congress

The 26th World Mining Congress (WMC 2023) was held in Australia, attended by 3,300 delegates from 73 countries, including JSW representatives. WMC events form the basis for international agreements and high-level discussions that have influenced mining practices and the resources industry for decades.

The main organisers of the Brisbane congress were the Australian national science agency CSIRO, the Australian government, and the Queensland state government in which 56 coal and lignite mines are located. The very idea of the WMC Congress was initiated in 1958 by Professor Bolesław Krupiński, a prominent Polish scientist and mining engineer. By definition, the WMC is intended to foster the creation of a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas on current mineral extraction technologies, their economically viable use and the improvement of safety in the extraction industry.

- Our participation in the 26th World Mining Congress is an important step in building international cooperation and sharing best practices with other mining industry leaders. We actively participate in discussions on sustainability, energy efficiency and innovative technological solutions that can improve safety and efficiency in mining – said Tomasz Cudny, President of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa.

The  congress was held under the theme ' Resourcing Tomorrow - Creating Value for Society'. Its premise was to discuss the world’s future economic and social dependence on resources, considering issues like environmental sustainability, climate change, digital transformation, disruptive technologies, and our future workforce. The programme included 15 plenary sessions, more than 300 technical discussions divided into 13 thematic panels and three symposia. The events were accompanied by an exhibition that covered more than 15,000 square metres.

Artur Badylak took part in a session discussing the extensive measures taken by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa to meet its targets for reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere. - Reduction of methane emissions is the main objective of the Environmental Strategy of the JSW Capital Group. We are implementing projects co-financed by the European Union, which will help us to meet the assumptions of the Environmental Strategy of the JSW Capital Group and, at the same time, the global climate policy. Research and implementation projects have received EU grants of: Project REM EUR 11million from the European Coal and Steel Research Fund and Project MASTERMINE EUR 900 thousand from the Horizon Europe research fund. It is worth talking about these activities also in the international arena, concluded Director of Methane Drainage and Management Office.