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Modernization of methane drainage station

Methane drainage station located on surface was built in 1969 in KWK “Zofiówka-Jastrzębie” Ruch “Zofiówka”. The station is equipped in 2 “Zgoda M30 G-1” blowers with 30 Nm3/min efficiency each and 7 “Wittig 500G” blowers with 44 Nm3/min efficiency each. After working for 51 years this facility needs modernization and devices needs to be replaced.

Due to the good technical condition of the building, the existing rooms will be rebuild and renovated. The concept of modernization of the methane drainage station involves the division of the blower hall into two separate rooms. In one of them after the renovation the new blowers, valves, pipes and control and measure devices will be built-in. Modernization of this facility will allow to maintain the continuity of methane drainage, and thus ensure the continuity of the mining plan operations. The environmental aspect is also important, the use of modern devices will reduce excessive noise and consumption of consumables. New cooling technology will allow the demolition of the splash cooler.

Parameters of the methane drainage station after modernization:

1st stage of compression:

  • Minimum gas underpressure at the inlet to the station – 0,03MPa,
  • Minimum gas pressure at the outlet of the station – 0,025MPa,
  • Expected gas intake – 120 Nm3/min (3 x 40 Nm3/min + 1 x 40 Nm3/min in reserve).

2nd stage of compression:

  • Gas pressure at the inlet to 2nd stage of compression –  0,020MPa,
  • Gas pressure at the outlet from 2nd stage of compression – 0,07 MPa,
  • Expected gas intake – 40 Nm3/min + 40 Nm3/min as an option.