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PGG S.A. and AGH join the ICE-CMM

07.09.2022 at The International Fair of EXPO KATOWICE The Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy, a Letter of Intent to join the International Center of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (ICE-CMM Poland) was introduced by PGG S.A.( Polish Mining Group Co.) and AGH (University of Science and Technology in Krakow). The cooperation document was signed by: Tomasz Cudny - president of JSW S.A., Tomasz Rogala - president of PGG S.A., Marek Borowski, EngD, Assoc. Prof.- representative of AGH, Jacek Jaworski EngD - director of the INiG - PIB, Zbigniew Lubosik EngD - deputy director of GIG and Janusz Jureczko PhD - director of the Upper Silesian Branch of PIG-PIB.

President of PGG S.A., acting as Senior Vice-President at Euracoal (European Association of Hard and Brown Coal), Tomasz Rogala commented on signing the document:

“As a company, we operate very much in the venture. The first motivation relates to the safety of the mines' work and is crucial. The second is purely economic: it is a waste of money that escapes into the atmosphere and that one can transform into pure energy in a short time. Cooperation between experts under a watchful eye of scientists as the most appropriate way that can be done for the improvement of methane emission management to be the most efficient and financially effective”.

Vice-dean of the Faculty for Cooperation of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Marek Borowski EngD, Assoc. Prof., took the floor and represents the benefits of cooperation within the group of specialists for improvement of methane emission.

“This is an important moment for AGH, especially since we are cooperating in such a highly specialised group. I believe that we will manage to use well the potential we share and enter the higher level. We operate extensively with a group of experts around the world. One has to remember that methane is danger we should be aware of. There is also the second aspect of methane emissions to the atmosphere, and it has to be in the center of ICE-CMM interests. We have to cope with the challenges connected with CMM. I express that will on behalf of AGH ” he said.