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Program of Reduction of Methane Emissions in the Ventilation Air

Central Mining Institute with AGH University of Science and Technology conduct analysis and preparing project on the basis on which the program will be launched.

The study will allow to define the scope of activities aimed at reducing methane emissions to the atmosphere by reducing its emission to the ventilation air and increasing the methane intake through the methane drainage system. It will be made in parts, separately for each Mine, taking into account its specificity. About 35% of the emitted methane is captured by the methane drainage system, the rest is discharged into the atmosphere with the ventilation air.

Responsible for the preparation of this project will be a team of experts, formed by the Consortium of the Central Mining Institute under the leadership of prof. dr hab. Eng. Eugeniusz Krause and the AGH University of Science and Technology under the leadership of dr hab. Eng. Marek Borowski, prof. AGH.