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XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress

The XXXIII edition of Mineral Resources & Energy Congress took place from 26- 28 February in Cracov.

Together with Poland's most important scientific and research institutes, the conference was attended by all major mining companies and companies cooperating with the mining industry. During the three days of the SEP, more than 16 thematic sessions were held in which employees of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa actively participated

In the session Methane from coal mines in Poland - effective reduction of emissions in terms of climate protection, Artur Badylak, Director of Methane Drainage and Management Office at JSW spoke about the main objective of JSW S.A. environmental strategy to use energy from methane as an effective tool to reduce the environmental impact of mining activities. Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A., one of the largest hard coal producers in Poland, strives for sustainable development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising the impact on climate change. Hard coal mining generates significant amounts of methane. It is a powerful greenhouse gas. In response to this challenge, JSW S.A. focuses efforts on the application of modern technologies for the capture, recovery and use of methane. Energy from methane is becoming a key aspect of the environmental strategy, while allowing for a reduction in gas emissions and increased energy efficiency in mining processes. JSW S.A. is working with renewable energy experts, innovative companies and research institutions to develop new technological solutions. The aim is to create a sustainable coal mining model that minimises environmental impact while maintaining the company's competitiveness and stability. By focusing on methane energy, JSW S.A. aims to become a leader in the green transformation of mining, making a positive contribution to global environmental and sustainability efforts.