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The 32nd School of Underground Mining

27.02 to 01.03.2023 the 32nd School of Underground Mining was held in Krakow under the auspices of the Ministry of State Assets.

The opening plenary session of the conference was attended by many prominent energy sector and major mining companies specialists. Edward Paździorko- Vice- President of the JSW Management Board for Technical and Operational Matters - in a lecture entitled: "" presented the important topic of methane emissions in view of the ongoing global debates on climate and energy security. In his speech, he touched upon the problems faced by mining companies extracting hard coal. He stressed the importance of measures for the environmentally and economically sustainable development of the European economy.

"Methane is an important element of the environmental and energy strategy at Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa. We intend to increase the efficiency of methane drainage up to 50 percent and the efficiency of economic utilization of captured methane to 95 percent. The Methane Emission Reduction Programme implemented by JSW is expected to result in a better structure of methane utilisation by our own cogeneration sources and improvement of the JSW Capital Group's energy efficiency "said Edward Paździorko, Vice-President of JSW Management Board for Technical and Operational Matters, emphasising the strategic importance of coking coal. - "On the one hand, it is a raw material included in the European Union's list of critical raw materials, which is an indispensable raw material for steel smelting, and on the other hand, a regulation is being prepared regarding emission requirements, which the Polish mining industry will not be able to meet" the JSW Vice-President pointed out.

Representatives of JSW S.A., as part of the session Methane from coal mines in Poland - current status and expected consequences of the proposed EU regulation in this area, gave a lecture on the activities undertaken together with specialists from the International Centre of Excellence for Coal Mine Methane, titled: "The current status and expected consequences of the proposed EU regulation in this area". "Projects implemented at JSW SA in cooperation with ICE-CMM members" (Artur Badylak, Director of Methane Drainage and Management Office). They also touched upon the subject of the EU's draft regulation on the reduction of methane emissions in the energy sector and what real impact it will have on JSW's future in a presentation entitled " Expected impact of the proposed EU regulation on JSW’s activities and preparatory actions undertaken by the company " (Sebastian Swaczyna, Head of Methane Emission and Management Team).

During the Competition Gala at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, Tomasz Cudny - President of the JSW Management Board described 30-year history and development prospects of Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa and highlighted the importance of coking coal for the sustainable development of the economy.

"People who are not experts on economy do not distinguish between coking coal and steam coal. Without coking coal there will be no steel. Without coking coal there will be no civilisation, the energy transition will not take place. Like it or not, the green transition begins a thousand metres underground, where we extract coking coal from"  - Tomasz Cudny said.